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Rise Lawrence - Our Community, Our Future.

$ 34.00

Brand Kinfolk

To help our community, 18.57% (the year of our inception) will be donated to local organizations in need. 

More backstory...

When The Lawrence Chamber of Commerce suggested #RiseLawrence, the Weaver's team immediately contacted Bryan and Toby from Lisbona Design. (Yes, our same friends behind the popular Kinfolk brand.) We communicated how important the symbolism of the Phoenix and ashes have always been in our community - particularly in tough times. Also, we impressed how proud we are that a version of Weaver's has been part of all of "rebirths" of the city. 

This will be another rebirth for Lawrence and for Weaver's. In the logo on back, you'll notice a Sunflower serving as the backdrop for flames, ashes and the Phoenix. 

This super soft tee is 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon.

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